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Joyfully register, receive VND 500,000

End in: 31/03/2024

Promotion name
Cashback of VND 500,000 for individual customers
Hot offer for individual customers at VIB

1. Applicable customer:
Individual customers

. Conditions: Customers meet all conditions below:2

1. Current account (CA) opened at VIB is in active status and has average balance on any CA ≥ VND 100,000 within 60 days from the payment date; and
2. Using MyVIB application or VIB Checkout; and
3. Open a new online term deposit or iDepo online deposit valued from VND 50 million, tenor from 01 month or Open counter term deposit and iDepo or receive iDepo remittance with amount from VND 300 million, holding period from 01 month (including foreign currency conversion);
4. Term deposit book equal zero during a period of January 1,2022 until the conditions in (3) above are satisfied;

Note: Each customer is only entitled to the promotion under this condition once during the promotion period and does not apply at the same time with the program: "Phuc Bao gift for individual business customers" (April 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023).

3. How to receive the rewards:
VIB will credit VND 500,000 to the Customer's CA within 3 days from the date the promotion conditions are met.
Promotion period
02/11/2023 - 31/03/2024
Individual customers
Please find Terms and Conditions here