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Solution for
large capital needs

Suitable for big project

Đăng kí ngay

Mobilize financial resources to implement investment programs and projects; increase the scale of working capital

Professional advices from VIB

Flexible bond term


Corporates who have great financial potential, collateral and/or stable cash flow.

  • Issuing organizations are joint-stock companies or limited liability companies established and operating under Vietnamese law.
  • Having at least one (01) year of operation.
  • Having audited financial statements of previous year.
  • Bond issuance plan is approved by appropriate authorities.
  • Full payment of principal and interest of issued bonds for 3 consecutive years prior to the bond issuance (if any).
  • Meet financial ratios, safety ratios in operation according to specialized law.
Loan to value

As per VIB's regulation.


Bond term is agreed upon for each issuance based on the capital demand and market situation.