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Notice on personal data processing

By accessing and using VIB's website (www.vib.com.vn), you agree to the terms and conditions of personal data processing below.

1.General Terms
  • This notice PDP regulates and governs VIB’s processing of your personal data. VIB may provide additional separate notices about the processing of your personal data for each specific product or service.
  • This Notice also regulates and governs VIB’s processing of “Personal data subject” as: 
    • Customer's related persons are required to collect by law (hereinafter referred to as “Related Person”).
    • Other person according to VIB's regulations from time to time: dependent, spouse, child, parent, authorized person, contact person in case of emergency, and/or other individual as required by law (collectively referred to in this document as “Third Parties”).
      By providing personal data of Related Person and/or a Third Parties to VIB, you assure and warrant that: (i) You have obtained the consent of Related Person and/or Third Parties for the processing of personal data according to the terms and conditions stated in this Notice PDP, (ii) You are fully responsible for VIB's processing of personal data of Related Person and Third Parties that you provide VIB.
  • In the scope of processing personal data according to this Notice PDP, VIB is the controller and/or the controller and processor of personal data.
  • Personal data processing is one or several activities affecting personal data, including but not limited to: collection, recording, analysis, confirmation, storage, editing, disclosure, combine, access, retrieve, encrypt, decrypt, copy, share, transmit, provide, transfer, delete, destroy personal data or other related actions.
2.Types of personal data processed
  • Group 1 personal data:

Surname, middle name, birth name, other names (if any); Date of birth; date, month, year of death or disappearance; Sex; Place of birth, place of birth registration, permanent residence, temporary residence, current residence, hometown, contact address; Nationality; Individual's image; Phone number, ID card information, citizen identification card, personal identification number notification, passport; Driver's license number, license plate number, personal tax code number, social insurance number, health insurance card number; Information about assets owned/used by Customers/Third Parties/Related Person; Marital status; Information about family relationships (spouses, parents, children); Information about individual digital accounts; Personal data reflecting activities and history of activities in cyberspace; Other information that pertains to you or helps identify you does not belong to Personal Data group 2 mentioned below.

  • Group 2 personal data:

Political views, religious views; Health status and personal life are recorded in medical records, excluding information about blood type; Information related to racial origin and ethnic origin; Information about an individual's inherited or acquired genetic characteristics; Information about physical attributes and biological characteristics of individuals; Data on crimes and criminal acts are collected and stored by law enforcement agencies; Dispute information related to Customer/Third Parties/Related Person and/or assets of Customer/Third Parties/Related Person; Customer information of credit institutions, foreign bank branches, payment intermediary service providers, and other authorized organizations, including: other information on customer identification according to the provisions of law, account information, deposit information, deposited asset information, transaction information, information about organizations and individuals that are guarantors at credit institutions, bank branches, organizations providing intermediary payment services; information about contracts concluded with partners through VIB; Data about an individual's location determined through device/system/location services and other related data sources; Other personal data is regulated by law as specific and requires necessary security measures.


  • Group 3 personal data:
    • Data created/extracted from or related to technical systems (including devices, applications, software, operating systems, browsers, IP addresses, other technical systems) such as: information language settings, date and time of connection to the website, application usage statistics, application installation, date and time of connection to the application; account name; password; secure login details; usage data; other related data and information.
    • Data generated/extracted regarding advertising interests; cookie data; clickstream data; browsing history; response to direct marketing; and opt out of direct marketing; other related data and information.
3.Purpose of processing personal data
  • Providing products or services; Implement VIB's promotional, incentive and support programs;
  • Use and analyze your information to develop, provide and continuously improve the quality of services and products, better meeting customer needs;
  • Manage content, promotions, surveys or other features of websites, applications, and devices; or survey platform;
  • Send communication regarding your account management and website, application or device features;
  • Send you information relevant to your transactions and needs, in accordance with applicable Direct Marketing Laws;
  • Verify your identity and ensure the security of your personal data;
  • Protect against fraud, identity theft, and other illegal activities;
  • To have a basis for establishing and exercising legal rights or defending VIB's legal claims;
  • Comply with applicable Laws, relevant industry standards and other applicable Bank policies;
  • Notify you about changes to products and services in cases where the State's management policies, legal regulations or the market have unusual or unpredictable changes or fluctuations, or updates to VIB's Regulations/Policies;
  • Serves the purpose of anti money laundering, combating terrorist financing, complying with embargoes or sending to competent authorities according to regulations from time to time;
  • Any other purpose specific to the Bank's business activities; and
  • For any other purpose that the Bank notifies you of, at the time of collection of your personal data or before the commencement of relevant processing or as otherwise required or permitted by applicable law.
4.Organizations and individuals processed personal data
  • Employees, collaborators, branches/units in VIB's system, subsidiaries/affiliated companies of VIB;
  • Companies and/or organizations acting as sellers, suppliers, partners, agents, consultants, including but not limited to:
    • The Company provides services to help VIB authenticate customers, operate products, operate websites, applications or devices, and provide customers with products or services that they have purchased, select or to manage activities on behalf of VIB, including and not limited to marketing services, newsletter sending, market surveys;
    • The company provides administrative, postal, telecommunications, data processing, information technology, payment, credit reference, custody, data entry, verification, record management, and support services, technology, information security, data center, consulting and/or other services related to, or to support VIB's operations;
    • The company provides payment services and services related to payment transactions via websites and applications;
    • The company provides debt collection services, limited services, and credit risk control;
    • Auditing company; Law consulting company;
    • Valuation company, price appraisal, price consulting;
    • Ranking organization.
  • Transaction parties/expected transaction of purchase, sale, assignment, transfer of business and/or assets of VIB;
  • Transaction parties/expected transaction, transfer, transfer of rights, benefits or obligations under the customer's contract(s)/agreement with VIB;
  • Insurance companies or insurance brokers or companies that provide credit protection directly or indirectly;
  • Vietnam National Credit Information Center;
  • Any person, competent or management authority or other organizations and individual to whom VIB is authorized or required to disclose under the laws of any country, or under any other contract or commitment between other organizations, individual and VIB;
  • Any organization or individual involved in the exercise or maintenance of any rights of VIB under the agreements between the Customer and VIB;
  • Any organization or individual that intends to pay any outstanding amount of the Customer to VIB;
  • Other organizations and individuals as prescribed by law;
  • Any parties that VIB considers necessary for the purposes of processing personal data stated in Section3.
5.How personal data is collected and collection methods

How data will be collected:

  • Directly from customers:
    • Through the relationship established between VIB and Customers when Customers register and use any product or service through any transaction channels of VIB/.
    • From VIB's websites: VIB may collect personal data when you access any VIB websites or use any features or resources available on or through via the website;
    • From VIB's applications for mobile devices: VIB may collect personal data when customers download or use VIB's applications for mobile devices;
    • From exchanges and communications between VIB and Customers: VIB may collect personal data during the exchange and communication process between VIB and Customers (face-to-face, via mail, phone, online, digitalcommunication or any contact methods) including surveys, promotional programs, and competitions organized by VIB in which you participate;
    • From interactions or automatic data collection technologies: VIB may collect information including IP address, referral URL, operating system, electronic news browser and any other information provided. Record automatically from connection:
      • Cookies, flash cookies, pixel tags, electronic beacons or other tracking technologies;
      • Orther organizations, individuals’s cookies, plug-ins or social network connectors;
      • Any technology capable of tracking individual activities on devices or electronic news sites;
      • Location information or other metadata provided by a device;
      • Other means: VIB may collect personal data when customers interact with VIB through any other methods.
  • From other organizations, individuals:
    • From suppliers, service providers, partners, affiliates and organizations, individuals related to VIB's business activities;
    • From Related Person, Third-parties, parties with relationship with customers including but not limited to employers, guarants and other organizations and individuals in accordance with the law;

Collection methods: 

VIB has the right but not the obligation to collect your personal data by the following methods: taking notes, entering data on electronic media, recording instructions or verbal information, video recording, notarization, micro-certification and other collection methods that VIB considers appropriate.

6.Rights and obligations of Customers
  • Customers have the following rights: to know, agree, access, withdraw consent, request data deletion, limit data processing, provide data, object to data processing, complain, denounce, sue, request compensation for damages, and the right to self-protection according to personal data protection laws.
  • Customers have the following obligations: to protect their own personal data; request other relevant organizations and individuals to protect their personal data; Provide complete and accurate personal data when agreeing to allow VIB to process personal data; Implement legal regulations on personal data protection and other obligations as prescribed by law.
  • Customers are responsible for regularly checking the Notice PDP on VIB's official website to update any changes.
7.Orther agreements
  • When you want to access your/Third Parties/Related Person's personal data that VIB is processing, or when you believe that the personal data held by VIB is inaccurate, not incomplete, misleading or not up to date, Customers can send a written request to access, edit or update through VIB's branch/transaction office or through other channel(s) that VIB set up and notified to Customers from time to time.
  • VIB, with reasonable efforts, will comply with requests to access or correct personal data upon receipt of a complete, valid request and related processing fee (if any) from the Customer.
  • Please note that VIB may, at its discretion, allow corrections upon request and/or may require additional documentation of new data to avoid fraud and inaccuracy.
  • VIB commits to processing personal data of Customers/Third Parties/Related Person based on Customer's consent according to this Notice PDP, unless otherwise prescribed by law. During the data processing process, VIB always tries to ensure security barriers and apply the most optimal information security measures, however, the processing of personal data may pose risks of data leakage or inappropriate data processing. Therefore, within optimal scope and capabilities, VIB will regularly review and update management and technical measures when processing of personal data of Customers/Third Parties/Related Person.
  • In case Customers notice a violation in the processing of personal data of Customers/Third Parties/Related Person, customers have the right to send a written request to VIB for processing support in the ability to prevent or limit disclosure of personal data by VIB of Customers/Third Parties/Related Person, unless otherwise prescribed by law.
  • In order to meet the legal rights and obligations of Customers, the rights and responsibilities of VIB, the implementation of rights and obligations in this section will be carried out by VIB when there is sufficient basis to verify the Customer/person authorized by the Customer, the validity and legality of relevant documents and ensuring compliance with the law on data protection and other relevant regulations.
  • Customers can submit a written withdrawal of their consent to any or all of the contents stated in this Notice PDP through VIB's branch/transaction(s) office or through other channel(s) that VIB may establish and notify to Customers from time to time. If you withdraw your consent to data processing according to this Notice PDP, VIB has the right to no longer provide products and services to you. Withdrawal of this consent will be considered as the customer’s unilateral termination of any contract that the Customer has signed with VIB, unilateral termination by the Customer of any commitment or obligation that VIB has established with the Customer and is considered a breach of contractual obligations/commitments between you and VIB, and we expressly reserve our legal rights and remedies in such cases. VIB will not be responsible for any costs, damages, or losses arising to Customers/Third Parties/Related Contractors due to this termination.
  • Do not depend on and affect the above, Customers agree and acknowledge that any withdrawal of your consent to the processing of data under this Notice PDP will not affect the previous processing of personal data of previous Customers/Third Parties/Related Person according to the customer’s consent with VIB.
  • This Notice PDP includes a Vietnamese version and an English version. In case of any difference or inconsistency between the Vietnamese version and the English version, the Vietnamese version shall prevail.
8.Notice on processing of personal data by subject

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