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VIB website terms of use

The Website with domain name "vib.com.vn" is the property of Vietnam International Bank (VIB). Accessing the Website means that you agree to be bound by the following terms:

1.Contents of VIB Website

Contents of this Website including entire or partial section such as trademarks, brand, images, symbols, logos, marks, software, documents and others are VIB’s asset and/or under its relative control.

VIB trademarks, with logos, name, colors, 3 letters V and marks displayed on this Website are protected by VIB according to the law.

As the legal owner of all of content displayed on the Website, VIB has total right of amendment, supplement or removal of any content of this website without any notification. Contents of products and/or services displayed on this Website are for the provision of information only. VIB has the right to postpone, amend and stop providing service via the website

No one is allowed to change, remove, cancel, tamper, copy, disclose, display, illegally move and use for commercial or public purposes, partial or in the entirety of these contents, which do not have written approval of VIB in advance. Use of this content is considered legal if it meets following conditions:

  • For the purpose of commerce with VIB,
  • Cite and refer to the original links/materials on this Website, ensure the Integrity of Information and VIB’s copyright of its intellectual property on this Website.
2.Access and use

VIB prohibits unauthorized use of this Website, including but not limited to, unauthorized access, misuse of passwords or any information, documents posted on the page. In case of detecting unauthorized access and use of the Website, VIB may immediately terminate this agreement and / or access to the customer's Webpage at any time without prior notice and ask for compensation of damage (if any).


VIB does not warrant that email sent to VIB via the Internet will be guaranteed confidentiality. VIB will not be liable for any damages to the user if he/she use an insecure to contact with VIB. VIB is not responsible for damage incurred directly, indirectly from the use of the Website that does not follow the terms of use, VIB’s instruction and/or rules of information security.

4.Limit of liability

With responsibilities under any condition or warranty that can not be excluded by law, will be limited by the VIB’s options to replace, repair, re-supply of products and services or payment for expenses to re-supply or repair such product.

VIB, within the limits allowed by law, in any case, will not be liable for any damages, losses directly or indirectly incurred relating to this Website and / or other websites linked to or from any party to use or not able to use the Web page due to error, mistake, interruption, delay in operation or transmission, caused by viruses, system failures or transmission line.

With its maximum caution and effort, the information and materials on the Website was developed by VIB. However, VIB will not warrant the accuracy, relevance and completeness of the contents displayed on the Website, and within the limits allowed by law, no commitment from VIB will be made for errors or omissions in the information and documents, nor guarantee not to violate the rights, property rights of third parties, or free virus of this Site.

With regards to the transmission process and download of information, VIB does not warrant that the system is free of delay, interruption, defect, loss of transmission signal caused by the transmitting equipment which is not under the control of the VIB, nor viruses or infected by harmful programs nor damage the computer systems.

In order to download information safely, please use appropriate equipment, protection program and run virus scans and / or other malicious programs.

5.Linked Websites

VIB is not responsible for any information, documents, products, services and contents posted, furnished from other sites linked to this Website and their safety and security. By accessing and using the other links, you must follow the prescribed use and regulations on safety and security of that site and take responsibility for losses, damage incurred from accessing and/or relating to it.