Product features of PRU-Safe Plus

Maturity benefit
100% policy account value
Total and Permanent Disabilities (TPD)
Max (sum assured, target premium account value) + excess premium account value
Death Benefit
Max (sum assured, target premium account value) + excess premium account value
- Giá trị tài khoản cơ bản tại thời điểm xảy ra sự kiện bảo hiểm
Critical Illness Benefit
35 Early Stage Critical Illness benefit: 50% sum assured 
65 Late Stage Critical Illness benefit:
- 1st late stage CI: 100% Sum Assured - benefit paid for an Early Stage CI of the same CI condition)
- In the event that the life assured suffers from critical illness, the waiver of future premium shall apply to the entire policy until end of policy term of this rider
2st late stage CI: 200% Sum Assured - the total CI benefits paid 
Top 3 CIs, late-stage (Cancer, stroke and heart attack) 
Additional 50% Sum Assured
Other Benefits
Loyalty Bonus:
- 100% of one annualized target premium .
- 75% of one annualized target premium and shall be payable on the 15th Policy anniversary date and every 5 years thereafter.

Investment Benefit:
Earn actual interest rate based on perfomance of the Universal Life fund but not less than guaranteed interest during policy term.

Retention bonus:
4% of average preceding 60-month Policy Account value starting from 20th anniversary date and every 5 years thereafter.

Guaranteed Insurability Option:
The Policy Owner has the right to increase sum assured without underwriting within 90 days from the date of one of following events:
- Life assured getting marriage;
- Life assured having a baby or adopting a child;
- Life assured’s child joining school including primary school, secondary school, or high school, or university.


Premium term
Same as policy term
Policy term
99 - issued age
Entry age
18 - 65 years old