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Manage and control
cash flow effectively

Saving time, reducing costs
and maximum profit 

Đăng kí ngay

Maximum effective management and use of idle funds, concentration of daily financial resources. 

Saving time and operating costs instead of multiple separate account management

Maximum profit on the Master account, reduced overdraft interest.

General Info
  • Unlimited number of sub-accounts
  • Flexible selection of amounts to be concentrated or separation between the accounts at such levels as maximum/ minimum limit/ specific amount
  • Management of a Master account and consolidation of separate sub-accounts into the Master account
  • Automatic separation of money at beginning and concentration of money at the end of the day between the Master account and the Sub-accounts

Groups, Corporations and those with nationwide network of sales (subsidiaries/affiliate)

  • Following VIB regulations
  • Please contact your nearest VIB's Branch or Customer Service Center by hotline1800.8180 for more details