Certified Security

VIB continuously invest effort into ensuring that our E-banking service provider operates safely, securely and smoothly - thus fully capable of controlling risks and applying the latest regulations and procedures.

Services Syntax to 6089

Mobile top up

NAP Amount [password] to 8049

Example: NAP 10000 [1234]

Other information

Fees and terms

Other syntax to query information

Services Syntax to 6089

5 latest transactions of transaction account

VIB LKGD (CIF Code) or VIB LKGD (Account number)

Example: vib lkgd 00xxxxxx or vib lkgd 0257xxxxxxxxxxx

5 latest transactions with VIB MasterCard

VIB MC LKGD (Card number)

Example: vib mc lkgd 512xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Account Balance


Example: vib sdtk 00xxxxxx

Oustanding VIB MasterCard balance

VIB MC SDHT (Card number)

Example: vib mc sdht 512xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Exchange Rate

VIB TGNT (Foreign currency Code 1) (Foreign currency 2)

Example: vib tgnt usd eur

Deposit Interest Rate

VIB LSTK (Term) (Currency Code)

Example: vib lstk 02 vnd

VIB ATM Location

VIB ATM (Province name) (District name)

Example: vib atm hanoi haibatrung

VIB Branch Location

VIB CNGD (Province name) (District name)

Example: vib cngd hochiminh govap

User guide


Example: vib hdsd


Query information by sending text to 6089

Be notified via SMS upon any changes on your account and card balance

Top up your mobile phone

1800 8180 Login

SMS banking

Banking via SMS

Simple and easy account information query

View the last 5 transactions of your current account and credit card

Manage transaction information anytime, anywhere

Receive notifications of account and credit card balance fluctuations

Consult exchange rate information and search for branches

Consult savings interest rates, foreign currency rates. Search for branch locations, ATM

Syntax for account query and top up mobile

Syntax guide to query information and top up mobile quickly