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Credit card financial support


Payment guide

How to pay-off credit card

Auto-pay from current account at VIB

Please contact VIB Customer service at (024) 62585858/ 18008195 or visit VIB Branches/Transaction Offices to request automatic payment directly form your current account at VIB

Money transfer from VIB current account

You can transfer money to make payment through Mobile Banking MyVIB

Quick transfers payment via Credit Card number

The Cardholders can make payment by quick transfer to Credit Card number via internet banking/ mobile app from other banks.View the list here

Normal money transfer

Please provide following information on transfer request from other Banks:

  • Beneficiary name: Full name of Cardholder (Check on card)
  • Account number: Credit Card number or Card account number (Check on the statement)
  • Beneficiary bank: Vietnam International Bank (VIB)

Cash Deposit at VIB counters

The Cardholder can deposit cash for card settlement through counters at any VIB Branches and Transaction Offices. VIB Branches/ Transaction Offices location here

Payment via E-wallet

  • Step 1: Deposit money into E-wallet such as Momo, Zalo pay, Viettel pay, VN pay, etc.
  • Step 2: Make payment directly form E-wallet/ Transfer money from  E-wallet to VIB current account.
  • Step 3: Make proactive payments through the MyVIB application.


You must pay the Minimum Payment Due as shown on this statement as below details:

  •  If Payment Due Date is a working day, payment must be received before 16:00; or
  •  If Payment Due Date falls on Saturday, payment must be received before 11:00.

Money transfer from other banks: Payment should be made at least 02 working days before the Payment Due Date. MoneySend fee might be applied on payment via Money Transfer method.

Credit Card number is the 16-digit number  (15-digit for VIB Super Card) printed on the credit card.

Card Account number can be found on the statement and has specific format C000000000xxxxxx or V700000000xxxxxx or A700000000xxxxxx

The impact of overdue debts

The impact of ability to borrow money

aving overdue debts (from group 2 onwards) will directly affect your CIC credit score, significantly reducing your ability to borrow from banks and credit institutions, or being denied a loan. The higher the debt group, the lower the ability to borrow.

A low CIC credit score will directly affect your ability to borrow, as well as your family members (spouse, children, parents). Please refer to the CIC credit score summary here

You need to pay off your debts in full and on time to avoid overdue debts. If you already have overdue debts, you need to arrange your finances to avoid being moved to a higher debt group

The Impact on Work

When you have overdue debts, the bank has the right to contact you using the contact information you provided to the bank, including your workplace information. In addition, overdue debts can also make it difficult to find a job in the future as many companies/organizations do not accept employees with a history of overdue debts on the CIC

The Impact on Administrative Procedures

According to the roadmap for developing the electronic identification system, a history of overdue debts will make it difficult for you to access future social benefits and public services

Debt trial

When you have overdue debts, even if you fully pay off the overdue balance, the debt group will not change for the next 30-90 days (the trial period). You should pay off the overdue debts as soon as possible to reduce the impact of the trial period

Personal financial management service

1. Installment plan


Optimize cash flow, divide payments into smaller installments with a fixed amount, rearrange monthly payments

Service features

Interest rate: 0.6%-1.8% per month (or as announced by VIB)

Installment periods: 3, 6, 9, 12 months


VIB credit cardholders with no overdue balances at the time of registration.

Transactions have been settled to the VIB card system.

The value of the installment transaction must be at least 3,000,000 VND.

The installment registration information must match the information of the cardholder stored on the VIB card system.

At the time of installment registration, the total amount registered for installment, including interest, must not exceed the remaining credit limit of the card.

The card is active and valid.

How to register

Log in to the MyVIB application and select the installment registration function.

Contact VIB Customer Service: 18008195.

2. Cash Advance Plan


Support for fast cash needs without additional paperwork, free cash withdrawal, and extremely low-interest rates


Main VIB credit cardholders who have opened the card for more than 6 months and do not have overdue balances and receive invitation from VIB

Card types: All valid VIB credit cards (except for VIB Family Link, LazCard, and Super Card).

How to register

The cardholder can request the service at any VIB branches/Transaction Offices.
For details information please click here


In accordance with the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam, if the Cardholder withdraws cash at CAU by fraudulent transactions, they will be fined up to VND 150,000,000 and the bank will block the credit card if signs of fraud are detected

Service features

Loan amount: up to 70% of the credit card limit, minimum of 5 million VND

Convert loan amount into installment with tenor up to 12 months

Interest rate: 1.22%-2.96% per month (or as announced by VIB)