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VIB Sponsored 5th Job Fair for Banking Students


Hanoi, 21st April 2012 --- To facilitate banking students access to practical employment opportunities in the labour market and lure high quality employees to the bank, Vietnam International Bank (VIB) and HCM Banking University held “The 5th job fair for banking students” where a workshop took place and various applications were received.

A lot of students are registering their applications at VIB booth at the job fair

Participating in The 5th job fair for banking students as a co-organizer is part of VIB people development strategy in order to push up the human resource training task and attract highly potential students from prestigious universities in HCMC such as Banking University, Foreign Trade University, etc. At the same time, this activity is also aimed at community development to help students learn about and be better equipped with practical knowledge for their future career paths.

At the job fair, students had the chance to learn about VIB and its recruitment direction, culture and working environment. Also, a workshop was held by VIB at the job fair to provide the students with interview answering skills and career paths delivered by the head of Learning & Development Center of VIB. The workshop has offered very useful and essential knowledge to the students, especially senior ones, to seize and better prepare for employment opportunities after graduation.

With the aim of being one of the top 3 commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam in 2013, VIB always focuses on the human resources and incessantly creates career development opportunities for its staff in a professional working environment. After more than 15 years of operation, VIB has now had nearly 4,500 highly experienced and qualified staff working in whole system nationwide.