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Terms and Conditions iBusiness package


1. Definition & Package Eligibility

1.1 iBusiness Package is product applied to individual customers (“Customers”) who meet all the following criteria:

  • Current Account (CA): have ≥ 01 CA active; and
  • Pay package management fee according to item 4.


1.2 Method joining iBusiness Package 

  • Customers register through VIB Smart Sales App in case the customer opens a new CA via VIB Smart Sales App; or
  • Customer could register for iBusiness Package on MyVIB or at VIB Branches.

2. iBusiness Package validity

  • The date VIB system records the iBusiness Package (recorded date of iBusiness Package) is the date:
    • Date customer successfully registers iBusiness Package at VIB branches; or
    • Date customer successfully registers iBusiness Package on MyVIB in case VIB announces successful receipt before 17:00 every day, or the after-date customer successfully registers in case VIB system announces successful receipt after 5:00 p.m. daily; or
    • The day after date customer activates CA in case customer registers through VIB Smart Sales App
  • Effective Date of iBusiness Package (effective Date): is the date VIB sends the notification by email and/or SMS/ZNS1  to Customer who successfully registers the iBusiness Package and is the after-date the recorded date of iBusiness Package.
  • The validity period of iBusiness Package is (i) 06 months from the effective Date (including the effective Date) to the due Date (excluding the due Date); or (ii) from the effective Date to the Date of cancellation iBusiness Package (if the customer cancels the iBusiness Package).
  • All offers of iBusiness Package will terminate at the time the iBusiness Package is canceled or expired.
  • Due Date includes weekends and public holidays.
    • 17/01/2023 Customer receives notification for successful registration iBusiness Package from VIB
    • The validity period iBusiness Package is from 17/01/2023 to 17/07/2023 (but not including 17/07/2023).

3. iBusiness Package renewal conditions

  • Due Date is also iBusiness Package renewal Date (renewal Date). The extension period of iBusiness Package is equal to the validity period of the iBusiness Package in section 2.
  • At Renewal Date, VIB automatically renews iBusiness Package for customers who meet all the following criteria: 
    • Current Account (CA): have ≥ 01 CA active; and
    • Mobile Banking App: user MyVIB or VIB Checkout is active; and
    • No debt in package management fee according to item 4
  • Thông báo gia hạn: hệ thống của VIB gửi email và/hoặc SMS/ZNS cho KH thông báo gia hạn thành công vào Ngày gia hạn. 

(*) Renewal notice: VIB will send email and/or SMS/ZNS to customer informing about successful renewal on Renewal Date. 

4. iBusiness Account Package fee

4.1 iBusiness Account Package fee

Currency Fee rate Waive condition Application condition
iBusiness account package management fee VND 30,000 As in item 4.2 Monthly
  • iBusiness Package management fee (Management fee) might be changed depending on VIB's fee policy, applied according to VIB's published fee schedule from time to time.
  • The collected fee will not be refunded in all cases, even if the customer cancels iBusiness Package before Due Date.
  • Management fee is collected automatically by VIB in the form of automatic deduction from customer's CA registered at VIB monthly periodically on the specific date below:
    • The corresponding monthly Date the recorded Date of iBusiness Package; or
    • The corresponding monthly Date of the iBusiness Package Renewal Date for the case customer is exempt Management fee for the previous period, but the Customer no longer satisfies the conditions for the free Management fee at the Renewal Date.

(Referred to as “Recurring Charge Date”)

  • In case there is no Recurring Charge Date in the month, Management fee will be collected on the last day of the calendar month.


4.2 Free policy to iBusiness Package management fee

VIB is free of charge for 06 months to customers in the following cases:

  • The first time Customer joins iBusiness Package.
  • Customer meets conditions of VIB's free policy from time to time, apply at the time renewal iBusiness Package according to section 3.

Free policy below applies at the time of current publication (from 08/08/2023) and might be changed according to VIB's regulations from time to time:


Criteria Condition
Average balance of CA in the 6 months preceding the registration month /renewal month of iBusiness Package (1)   ≥ 10 million VND

(1) Total balance on CA (excluding foreign currency accounts and margin accounts) of customers who are active at VIB in the 6 months preceding the month of registration/month of renewal ÷ (divided by) the actual number of days the corresponding economic value of the 6 months preceding the month of registration/month of renewal. 

5. Offers in iBusiness Package

Offers of iBusiness Package:

  • Free account management fee; and
  • Free fast transfer fee on online; and
  • Free normal transfer fee on online; and
  • Free cash deposit VND at counter; and
  • Free cash withdrawal VND at counter; and
  • Free tally fee VND at counter; và
  • Free IDC maintenance fee; and
  • Free ATM withdrawal fee internal and external VIB.

6. Rights and Responsibilities of Customers

  • Enjoy the offers specified in section 5 of the iBusiness Package validity 
  • Right to check offers information of iBusiness Package at website address: vib.com.vn
  • Obligation to monitor, check for changes, cancel regulations on (1) terms and conditions of iBusiness Package, (2) fee and policy for free management of iBusiness Package at website address: vib. com.vn.
  • Obligation to comply with the laws and regulations of the Bank on registration and use of products and services in the iBusiness Package.

7. Rights and Responsibilities of VIB

  • Notify customers by email and/or SMS/ZNS when customers has successfully registered or renewed Business Package
  • Notify customers by SMS/ZNS when iBusiness Package is canceled or unsuccessfully renewed.
  • Have full discretion to change or cancel the provisions of (1) fee and policy Free management iBusiness Package, (2) terms and conditions as well as content of iBusiness Package without direct notice to customers. After changing or canceling regulations on iBusiness Package, fee and policy for free management of iBusiness Package, VIB is obliged to publish the latest change and cancellation information on website address: vib.com.vn and publicly listed at VIB's Branches

8. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

  • These Terms & Conditions is interpreted and adjusted by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • If there is any dispute occurred or related to this Terms & Conditions, all Parties will settle disputes by negotiation and conciliation. In case of unsuccessful negotiation or conciliation, each party has the right to bring the dispute to People’s Court for settlement.
  • This Terms and Conditions will be valid from the date VIB notify on website: vib.com.vn.
  • This Terms & Conditions can be amended/ updated by VIB. All amendments/ updates in this Terms & Conditions will be published at VIB website: vib.com.vn


(1) Customer acknowledges and agrees that: (i) VIB is entitled to choose one or more notification methods to Customer, depending on VIB's needs, including but not limited to: phone/mail/email (email) )/notify via MyVIB/SMS/message via zalo (ZNS) linked to the phone number (registered for Ebank) according to the information provided by the customer; (ii) The phone number Customer has provided to VIB is the phone number associated with Zalo; and (iii) VIB is not responsible for the case that the Customer does not receive a notice due to this information change, including the case where there is no zalo address or the zalo address is different from the phone number provided by the customer.


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