Terms and conditions of VIB Financial Free

Effective from 27/11/2023


1. Fee Schedule

1.1 Interest

For purchase transactions Interest free up to 45 days
0% for first 3 statement cycles
1.67% - 3.29% per month afterwards
For cash withdrawal transactions 0% for first 3 statement cycles
1.67% - 3.29% per month afterwards
For cash withdrawal/cash advance transactions via POS at VIB’s branches 1.22% - 2.96% per month (*)
(*) Depending on Cardholders’ profile.
For Installment transactions at non-VIB’s partners (***) 0.9% - 1.8% per month applied on registered installment amount 
Using card wisely to get free interest for shopping transactions Your payment due date is 15 days after the statement date. The bank will not charge interest on purchase transactions if you pay the outstanding balance during or before the maturity date. For cash withdrawal transactions, interest will be charged since the transaction date has made.
Credit card financial support, click here
Minimum amount of interest Not applicable

1.2 Fees

Issue fee Free
Annual primary card fee Free for first year. The following years: VND 299,000. Free when spending via POS/Internet at least 12 million VND in the previous year.
Annual supplementary card fee Free for first year. The following years: VND 199,000. Free when spending via POS/Internet at least 12 million VND in the previous year.
Cash advance fee 4% (minimum: VND 100,000)
Cross-border fee for overseas transaction in FCY (not VAT included)  3.5% (minimum: VND 10,000)
Cross-border fee for overseas transaction in VND (not VAT included)  Cross-border fee for overseas transaction in VND
PIN Mailer issue/reissue fee VND 50,000
Card reissue fee VND 100,000
Card replacement fee VND 100,000
Instant issue/re-issue/replacement fee VND 200,000
Card number selection fee VND 500,000
Lost/Stolen card replacement fee VND 250,000
Card renewal fee Free
Card limit adjustment fee VND 100,000
Issue type (Secured/Unsecured) change fee VND 100,000
Collateral change fee VND 100,000
Card type change fee VND 499,000
Auto debit service fee Minimum payment: Waive
Maximum payment: 10,000
Waive if average balance of current account registered (not applying for e-saving account) for auto debit service of previous month is from 2 million VND or total spend (POS/Internet and Cash Advance) of effective statement is from 5 million VND
Direct debit failure fee VND 10,000
Statement/Sales slip retrieval fee VND 100,000
Statement delivery fee VND 50,000
MasterCard MoneySend service fee VND 50,000
Installment conversion fee (***) 2.49% - 6.49% applied on registered installment amount.
Charged one-time only upon installment registration.
Installment maintenance fee (***) 0.6% - 1.8% per month applied on registered installment amount
Installment early repayment fee 2%/Remaining installment balance (Min: 200,000 VND)
Credit limit confirmation fee VND 100,000
Late payment fee 6%/ amount due (minimum: VND 200,000; maximum: VND 2,000,000)
Applied on closing balance unpaid stated in Monthly Statement
Over limit fee 4.5%/over limit amount/transaction
Dispute fee VND 200,000
Service fee by request VND 500,000
Cancellation fee (applied in case card is closed within 12 months of first issue date) VND 299,000
Fee for withdrawal credit amount of outstanding balance 3% withdrawal amount (minimum: VND 100,000, Not applying in case your card is closed)
SMS service fee VND 9,900
Fee will be charged on registered card monthly. In case the customer cancels the registration and the cancellation date is less than 15 days from the statement date, the fee will still be applied. Supplementary cards will be registered/unregistered SMS service automatically according to the Primary Cardholder's registration/unregistration via MyVIB
Minimum payment amount - Monthly Installment (if any); and
- Overdue and/or over limit amount (if any); and
- 1% - 15% remaining outstanding balance (*)
(*) Or other rate as notified by VIB to each Cardholder via email or by any form that VIB deems appropriate depending on different types of card products from time to time.
Exchange Rate For debit transaction (card transaction): Apply Sell Exchange Rate of USD by VIB plus VND 80
For credit transaction (refund/reversal transaction): Apply Sell Exchange Rate of USD by VIB

2. Terms and required documents of credit card application

2.1 Terms and conditions to open credit card

Nationality Vietnamese
Address of residence/ work In the provinces/cities which have VIB's branches / transaction offices
Age Primary cardholder: from 20 to 65 years old
Supplymentary cardholder: from 15 years old
Income Average income in nearest 3 months: VND 7 million
Credit history No bad debts within latest 2 years
Other conditions As VIB regulations

2.2 Document for opening credit card

Antecedents Proof of income
Identity documents Copy of labor contract/ Appointment decision and copy of salary statement

3. Card Application Process

Card Application at Branch Please contact your nearest VIB Branch for more information.
Card Application via Online Channels (**)

Step 1: Application

Customers access website www.vib.com.vn or log in VIB banking application - MyVIB, or other digital platforms partnered with VIB to register online and sign a contract for issuing VIB Credit Cards:

  • Declare the required information on the Application form;
  • Capture and upload photo of the front and the back of National ID;
  • Capture and upload the selfie photo;
  • Capture and upload photo of other documents (if any);
  • Read and agree with VIB Credit Card Terms and Conditions (which include the following contents: the scope of Card functions, the prohibitions prescribed by law when using the Card), the warning alert for actions must not be performed during the process of Card issuance and usage;
  • Input OTP code to e-sign the VIB Credit Card issuance contract.

Step 2: Review, appraisal and approval process

VIB performs review, appraisal and approval process as regulation;

Step 3: Card issuance

VIB issues Card as regulation;

Step 4: Card issuance notification

VIB send notification to Customer via registered phone number/email about card issuance information including Card issuer (VIB), Card product, Card number, Card validity period, Cardholder name, the scope of card functions, the prohibitions prescribed by law when using the card.

Step 5: Card issuance notification

VIB performs Customer identification and verification process through face-to-face meeting, collect Application Form signed by Customer, other documents (if any); and deliver Card if Customer can meet all the requirements.


4. Application form

Download Application Form Click here

5. Transaction limit

5.1 Total transactions/day

Sale/E-commerce transaction No limitation
Cash 5 times per day

5.2 Cash advance/withdrawal

Total transaction amount/day
(domestic and overseas)
VND 25 million (domestic)(*)

5.3 Sales transaction at POS machine

Transaction amount/time VND 200 million
Total transaction amount/day Within available credit limit

5.4 E-commerce

Transaction amount/time VND 200 million
Total transaction amount/day Within available credit limit

5.5 Soft limit

Soft limit 0% - 10% credit limit


(*) Oversea cash withdrawal/cash advance transaction limit is based on the amount debited by VND in VIB card system and the amount shall be included cash withdrawal fee/cash advance fee and administration fee applied for oversea transactions.

(**) Cards issued via digital method will not be able to make foreign currency cash withdrawal overseas or make overseas payments until the required hardcopy of documents are collected and the physical card is deliveried

(***) Only one type of installment interest or fee will be applied for each installment plan. The specific fee rates of “Installment conversion fee” and “Installment maintenance fee” depend on Cardholders’ profile and will be informed by VIB for each Cardholder upon installment registration.


VIB Credit Card Cardholder Agreement


1. General Responsibility of Cardholder

  • The person to whom the Card is issued (“Cardholder”) (1) will sign the Card immediately upon receipt, (2) and  will not permit any other person to use it, (3) and will at all times safeguard the Card and any Personal Identification Number (the PIN) issued, Supplementary Identification Number, card information, and transactions (4) and keep it under his/her personal control
  • The Cardholder will be responsible for all Card Transactions (effected by the Cardholder (whether voluntarily or otherwise) and interest charges will be listed in the statement, notwithstanding the termination of this Agreement
  • Credit Limit: The bank will assign a credit limit to the Card Account based on supervisory evaluation of credit risks assessment related to the Card Account or Cardholder and the information that VIB has acquired. The bank have right to terminate, change (increase or decrease) credit limit to such amount as fit as VIB terminates, and modify the limit automatically, or Cardholder’ request.  The bank will notify the Cardholder in advance of any change in limit.
  • Availability Limit: is the maximum amount the Cardholder is allowed to spend at any one time. Availability Limit equal credit limit minus the total outstanding balance of transactions on the Card but unpaid (including outstanding balance of charges and interest) at each time ("Existing Outstanding Balance") plus the balance on the Card Account at any time (if any).
  • Transaction Limit: each card is issued a limit for each type of transaction, including the purchase of goods, services, cash withdrawal and other forms of transactions ("Card Transactions"), which are determined by VIB in its sole discretion in each period.

2. Card Transactions

  • Card transaction is the use of card to withdraw cash, purchase of goods and services and use other services provided by VIB in each period.
  • Cash withdrawal transaction is any type of transaction in which the Cardholder receives cash or cash equivalents through an ATM or other channels.
  • For purchase of goods, services, the bank has no responsibility for the method of supplying the goods and any refusal of the merchant establishment (except for technical errors related to the use of the VIB Card). No claim by the Cardholder against the merchant establishment will relieve the Cardholder from any obligation to the Bank hereunder. The Bank has the right not to set up, modify or terminate any such arrangement in the event of any dispute between the Cardholder and the merchant establishment.
  • All Card Transactions affected in currencies other than Vietnam Dong will be debited to the Card Account after conversion into Vietnam Dong (at a rate of exchange determined by reference to the exchange rate adopted by MasterCard), plus the cross-border fee charged by the bank has specified in card schedule charges.

3. Card benefits

The Bank may from time to time introduce new products/services to be made available to Cardholders which shall be governed by specific terms of such products/services and. In case of any conflict between these specific terms and the terms herein, the former shall prevail.

4. Loss, Theft or Misuse of Card or PIN

  • Loss, theft or misuse of any Card or PIN (jointly referred to as “misused card”) should be reported immediately upon discovery to the Bank’s Branches, Business Unit to which cardholder submitted the application or to the 24/7 Customer Service Hotline at the phone number on VIB’s public website. 
  • In case of the card is misused after notice and lock card request, the cardholder must send a request to investigate, complain to the bank. The cardholder shall be fully liable for loss and shall be liable to compensate for loss caused by misuse of the Card.

5. Resolution of Complaints and Handling

  • Inquiries and complaints relating to the Card (if any) are received at any bank’s branches or business units or through Customer Care Hotline 24/7 by phone number updated on the official website of VIB. Claims related to card transactions must comply with the provisions of the bank and MasterCard. VIB and the Cardholder resolve the complaint will be bound by and the result of the investigation, the complaint shall be governed by these regulations.
  • Checking form, complaint form of the bank is required in any inquiry,  complaint. If the Cardholder asks for a check or complaint through the Customer Care Hotline 24/7, the Cardholder must add a Request for Inspection and Complaints within five (5) business days. If the Cardholder authorizes another person to request a review, the Cardholder shall comply with the provisions of the law on authorization and in accordance with this Terms and Conditions.
  • The duration that the Cardholder requests and the bank receive the request for review, the first appeal is 60 days since the transaction date has made, is (07) seven days since the date the bank shows the results of the investigation. , handle the complaint to the Cardholder with respect to the request for review and complaint from the second time on.
  • The maximum response time for requests for review and appeal is 55 days since the date of receipt of the request for review and complaint from the Cardholder.
  • In the event of losses incurred not due to the Cardholder's fault and/or not in case of force majeure agreement. According to the results of the investigation, the bank will reimburse the Cardholder within 5 working days from the date of notification of the results of the investigation and settlement of the complaint. After the expiry of the inspection process, the fourth complaint (04) but the cause or fault of the party has not been determined, within the next 15 working days, the bank will agree with the Cardholder about handling options.
  • In case of crime signs, the bank will notify the competent state agency in accordance with the provisions of criminal procedure law and report to the State Bank (Payment Department, the Housing Bank country branches in provinces and cities in the locality); At the same time, notify the Cardholder in writing of the handling status of the request for investigation and complaint. The handling of results of investigation and complaints shall fall under the responsibility of the competent State bodies. In cases where competent state agencies notify the results of the settlement without criminal elements, within 15 working days after the conclusion of the competent state agencies, VIB shall implement the agreement. with the cardholder about the plan to handle the results of the investigation and complaint.
  • If the Cardholder does not agree with the bank's findings and claims, the investigation and settlement shall be settled in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • VIB has the right to refuse requests for review, claims related to the Card after the above claims handling deadline. In addition, VIB has the right to refuse to accept requests for investigations and appeals of Card transactions with a small value in accordance with the provisions by each  international card organization:
    • For cards branded as MasterCard and Visa organizations: Card transactions with a value of less than USD 25 (in words: twenty-five US Dollars) or equivalent. Merchants of the type of tourism and entertainment in accordance with the regulations of international organizations (for example, aviation, car rental, cruise, train, hotel, motel, restaurant, travel agency, ... and card transactions worth less than VND300,000 at other types of merchants. 
    • For cards branded as Amex organizations: Card transactions with a value of less than USD 25 at all types of merchants.

Cardholder is obliged to pay the full amount of these transactions on the Statement and to be responsible for any losses or damages (if any) arising or in connection with such transactions.

6. Statement

  • A statement will normally be sent to the Cardholder monthly on the Statement Date (“Statement Date”) with details of (i) the total amount outstanding on the Card Account (“Statement Balance”), (ii) the minimum sum to be paid by the Cardholder in respect of the Statement Balance as determined by the Bank (“Minimum Payment Due”), (iii) the date by which the remaining payment must be made to the Bank (“Payment Due Date”)
  • The Cardholder should notify the bank’s branches, business units, or customer service hotline of any invalid or unauthorized transaction listed in any statement made by the Cardholder within sixty (60) days from the date of the statement. The will investigate and handle complaints immediately since the date of receiving proper notification from the cardholder of any invalid transaction by the cardholder in the statement in accordance with the regulation of the VIB in each period. If the Cardholder fails to report within the said period, the transaction(s) shown on the statement will be considered correct and binding on cardholder’ payment obligations.
  • The Bank may send the Statement Balance in any form it deems appropriate including an electronic Statement Balance which is applied for Cardholders who are using Personal Internet Banking service or a PDF Statement Balance sent to Cardholders’ emails registered with the Bank, or paper-base statement balance.

7. Payments

  • Payments and credits to the Card Account (before 04:00 PM from Monday Friday, or before 11:00 AM) will be applied by the Bank to reduce the existing outstanding balance in the Card Account in the following order: (1) Annual Member Fee, (2) Finance charges, (3) Cash advance fee, (4) Other changes (over limit fee, late payment fee, …), (5) Cash withdrawal transactions, (6) Outstanding installment payments are due periodically, (7) Purchase of goods, services transaction, (8) Others transactions.
    In case the cardholder has bad debts at VIB or is accompanied by other credit institutions, the order of debt reduction is as follows: (1) Cash withdrawal transactions, (2) Outstanding installment payments are due periodically, (3) Purchase of goods, services transaction, (4) Other transactions, (5) Annual fees, (6) Finance charges, (7) Cash withdrawal fees, (8) Other changes (over limit fee, late payment fee, …).
    To clear, with outstanding balances of the same type of transaction, transactions that occour first are given priority for collection first or in any order as the Bank considers appropriate without prior reference to the Cardholder.
  • If the Cardholder is required by any applicable laws or regulations to make any deduction or withholding from any sum payable by the Cardholder to the Bank hereunder, then the liability in respect of that deduction or withholding shall be the liability of the Cardholder such that after the making of such deduction or withholding the net payment shall be equal to the amount which the Bank would have received had no such deduction or withholding been made. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Cardholder to effect payment of such deduction or withholding to the relevant authority within the applicable time limit and the Cardholder shall indemnify the Bank for all consequences of the Cardholder’s failure to do so.
  • In addition to any general right of set-off or other rights conferred by law or under any other agreement, the Bank may, without notice, combine or consolidate the outstanding balance on the Card Account with any other account(s) which the Cardholder maintains with the Bank or other credit institution and/or VIB have rights to set-off (or similar right) with and funds, rights and interest in the property/assured property of the cardholder, VIB keeps, manages, controls and perform  the right to set-off at any time that VIB thinks it is necessary.
  • Unless the Bank otherwise specifies, the whole of the outstanding balance on the Card Account together with the amount of any outstanding Card Transactions effected but not yet charged to the Card Account will become immediately due and payable in full to the Bank on termination of this Agreement or on the Cardholder’s bankruptcy or death. The Bank may employ third parties to collect any outstanding. The Cardholder or his estate will be responsible for settling any outstanding on the Card Account (including without limitation any regular payments, whenever charged or debited to the Card Account, under arrangements which are authorized or set up prior to the date of termination of this Agreement or the Cardholder’s bankruptcy or death), and shall keep the Bank indemnified for all reasonable amounts of costs (including legal fees) and expenses reasonably incurred in recovering such outstanding. Pending such repayment, the Bank will be entitled to continue to charge financing charges at its prevailing rate(s).
  • Please note that termination of this Agreement will not automatically lead to termination of any merchant auto payment arrangement including, without limitation, auto payment of any annual fee, that are set up or authorized prior to the termination of the Agreement. The Cardholder must directly contact the related merchant(s) who will be responsible for making the necessary arrangements if he/she wishes to modify/terminate any merchant auto payment.
  • Without prejudice to the other provisions of this Agreement, if the Cardholder intends to be absent from Vietnam for more than one month, arrangements to settle the Card Account should be made prior to his/her departure.
  • If the Cardholder fails to pay the whole of the Minimum Payment Due on the Payment Due Date at the latest, outstanding balances will be transferred in overdue debts with the regulations of VIB in each period.

8. Payment Refusal

  • Card is inactive
  • Expired card or canceled card from the Cardholder/VIB
  • EMV chip or magnetic stripe’ problems
  • Equipment or payment bank failed to connect successfully with VIB
  • PIN entered incorrectly
  • E-commerce transaction is inactive
  • The Cardholder has not provided sufficient information and/or provided inaccurate transaction information  (CVC2/CVV, and/or OTP) when performing e-commerce transactions;
  • Availability limit is not sufficient to pay
  • The transaction exceeds transaction value/ time, the number of transactions/day, transaction value/day in regulations of VIB (if any);
  • Other cases in regulations of the bank.

9. Fees and Charges

  • The Cardholder agrees to pay the Bank’s initial and/or periodical fee for the Card. Fees will be debited to the Card Account when due and are not refundable.
  • If the Bank has reasonably incurred any legal or collection fees or other expenses which are of reasonable amount for the purpose of demanding, collecting or suing, to recover any sum payable hereunder from the Cardholder, or for other remedies resulting from the breach or non-compliance of any terms of this Agreement, the Cardholder will fully reimburse the Bank on demand for all such legal fees, and any other fees and expenses incurred in that connection. Pending such repayment, the Bank will be entitled to continue to charge finance charges at its prevailing rate(s).
  • Without prejudice to Clause 2, if the Statement Balance exceeds the credit limit for the time being assigned to the Card account, the Bank reserves the right to charge an over-limit fee, which will be debited to the Card Account on the Statement Date.
  • If the Cardholder fails to pay the whole of the Minimum Payment Due on the Payment Due Date at the latest (as the regulation of the bank each period), a late charge will be debited to the Card Account on the following Statement Date.
  • Other fees based on the bank’s card schedule of charge in each period.
  • The current amounts or percentages of fees, charges, and interest rates referred to herein are set out in the Credit Card Fees and Charges. The Cardholder will be bound by the regulations of the bank.

10. Finance Charge & Interest Rate

  • For cash withdrawal transactions will be subject to interest from the date the transactions are made until all cash withdrawals are paid fully by VIB regulations each period.
  • For purchase of goods, service transactions:
    • If VIB recieved your total outstanding balance in full each statement cycle on or before the Payment Due Date: VIB will 
      • (i) charge no interest on the ending balance arising in the current statement period and
      • (ii) charge interest on the ending balance carried over from previous statement periods, if any (equal to the total amount balance of transactions from previous unpaid statement periods), calculated continously from the previous Statement Date to the date of payment(s) of the transaction(s), at the interest rate specified in Service fee schedule and card interest rate of VIB from time to time.
    • If VIB doesn't recieved your total outstanding balance  in full each statement cycle on or before the Payment Due Date: VIB will charge interest on the ending balance and new outstanding balances arising during the period, calculated from the date the transaction(s) is made to the date of payment(s) of the transaction(s), at the interest rate specified in Service fee schedule and card interest rate of VIB from time to time.
  • The bank does not pay interest on the available fund in the card account.
  • Card schedule of charges is announced at the official website of VIB. The bank has the right to change the tariff at any time that VIB considers appropriate. VIB will notify the Cardholder in one of the following ways: (i) sending the notice by email or (ii) listing at the VIB's headquarter or at branches; or (iii) publishing on the official website of VIB, or (iv) in other forms decided by the bank. The card schedule of charges will be effective since the date stated in the bank's notice but not earlier than 7 days from VIB's notice.
  • If the Cardholder does not accept any proposed change of fee schedule, the Cardholder must terminate the use of card within 7 days since the date the bank send notice. In case, the cardholder does not terminate the use of card, the Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that the cardholder will be deemed to have accepted the fee schedule.

11. Supplementary Cards

Should the Bank issue a Supplementary Card at the joint request of the Cardholder and Supplementary Cardholder, the Supplementary Cardholder will be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and shall be liable for the use the Supplementary Card, notwithstanding that the Primary Cardholder shall remain liable for the use of both his/her Card and the Supplementary Card and that the Bank shall have complete discretion in recovering charges incurred by the Supplementary Card from either the Primary Cardholder or the Supplementary Cardholder or both. In relation to Clause 13.1 below concerning cancellation of a Supplementary Card, the Cardholder may be liable for any payments arising from the use of the Supplementary Card until it has been returned or until the Bank is able to implement the procedures which apply to lost cards if the Cardholder so requests. The Supplementary Cardholder shall not be liable for the use of the Card by the Primary Cardholder or the use of any other Supplementary Card by any other Supplementary Cardholder.

12. Lock Card Cases

Upon request of the Cardholder / VIB or;
The bank has the right to lock the card without prior notice to the cardholder if violates the following:

  • Transaction related to fraud, forgery (including credit fraud); fictitious transactions at Merchants
  • Credit card disclosure information at Merchants
  • Cardholder notifies that does not make the transaction
  • Waiting for the invalid card due to unpaid balance/waiting for additional documents.
  • The card is in the process of being used but is found to be missing provided files/ renewal/limit adjustment.
  • The Card/Cardholder has signs that fall under the criteria for early risk identification according to VIB's regulations from time to time, including but not limited to transaction criteria, merchants, changing Card status ;
  • PIN entered 3 times incorrectly at ATM
  • Card is lost or stolen.
  • When VIB employees leave work and do not satisfy the conditions for using the card with VIB's current regulations

Any loan of the cardholder at the bank is terminated, withdrawn early or the payment of the credit card and/or other loans of the cardholder at VIB are overdue. In the event that the cardholder's payment (s) and/or other loans at the bank have been fully repaid, it is subject to a reasonable assessment of the credit risk associated with the cardholder. , The bank has the right to decide whether or not to restore the card services to the cardholder in accordance with VIB regulations each period.

13. Seize Card Cases

The bank has the right to seize the card if the Cardholder violates the following:

  • Fake cards;
  • The card is used illegally;
  • Card users cannot prove themselves as Cardholders;
  • The Cardholder does not comply with the regulations of the bank and MasterCard as members on the use of the card;
  • Card is entered PIN 3 times incorrectly in succession;
  • Serving the investigation and handling of crimes in accordance with the law;
  • Other cases as regulated by the bank in each period.

14. Invalid Use of the Card

The Cardholder can terminate the card at any time by sending a notice with the return of the card and any other Supplementary Cards as required by the bank on termination of card use in each period.

VIB may terminate this Agreement at the same time with termination of use of the Card by the Cardholder at any time with a prior written notice of at least five (5) working days to the Cardholder or without notice before any of the following occurs:

  • The Cardholder does not receive the Card within 90 days from the date the Card is issued (new / renewal/ reissue/replacement) on the VIB Card management system.
  • The cardholder has any outstanding loans at the bank that are terminated, withdrawn prematurely and do not supplement the records as prescribed by VIB within 45 days, or the application is not approved to continue the card.
  • Cardholder has overdue card/loan over 90 days
  • Cardholder involved in credit fraud (information, records and card use)
  • The Cardholder performs, organizes or facilitates other persons to commit acts related to fake cards, fraudulent or fraudulent transactions; Overdraft transactions at Merchants (no purchase and sale of goods and services).
  • The Cardholder uses the card to perform transactions for money laundering, terrorist financing, scam, fraud, and other illegal conduct.
  • The Cardholder violates the bank’ regulations and MasterCard; or agreements between the Cardholder and VIB.
  • Cardholder has no transaction without blocking card and no outstanding balance on card account for 24 consecutive months;
  • The Cardholder dies, disappears, is arrested, is charged with criminal responsibility;
  • Assets being secured for issuing cards are seized, blocked or held.
  • Cases related to leaving work or income changes that result in the failure to meet the conditions for using the Card as provided by the bank;
  • Requests from competent authorities to serve the investigation and handling of crimes in accordance with the law.

If the bank does not receive a written request from the Cardholder to return the outstanding balance on the Card Account (if any) within 5 years from the date VIB receives the request to terminate the Card, VIB has the right to handle this amount of money as provided by VIB.

15. Limitation of the Bank’s Liability

The bank shall not be liable for any delay, failure or computer processing error in the extent that it is attributable to any cause beyond the Bank’s reasonable control providing any of the bank’s equipment or other facilities or services to the Cardholder to including any equipment malfunction or failure.

16. Variation of Term and Conditions

The bank has the right to amend any term and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement from time to time as it deems appropriate at its absolute discretion. Such amendments will be binding upon the Cardholder upon giving notice to the Cardholder using such means of notifications as the Bank shall deem appropriate (including but not limited to display in the premises of the Bank or any of its offices or in the Statements of Credit Cards or in the Bank’s website or by such other methods as the Bank may decide)

17. General Provisions

  • Card is the Bank’s property: Card is the property of the Bank which will not be transferable and will be returned to the Bank immediately by the Cardholder upon the Bank’s request.
  • Changes of Cardholder’s information: The Cardholder will notify the Bank promptly in writing of any changes in employment as well as address of working place, or residential address or other contact information.
  • Recording verbal instructions or communications: In the course of providing credit card services, the Bank may need to record verbal instructions received from the Cardholder and/ or any verbal communication between the Cardholder and the Bank in relation to such services.
  • Signature on sales slips/document related to Card Transactions: For each purchase or cash advance transaction, Cardholder’s Signature on sales slip must match the registered Signature, expect For MOTO or Internet Transactions which Cardholder’s Signature is not required and are under the Bank’s agreement
  • For e-commerce transactions, the cardholder is in responsible for all risks related to the card transaction, including those that might arise from the merchant saving the cardholder's information (card-on-file), processing card transactions at the merchant using the saved card information, and carrying out card transaction authentication using any technique permitted by the International Card Organization.
  • Card Account related documents: the Bank reserves the right to destroy any documents relating to the Card Account after microfilming the same.
  • Notices: Any notice given the Bank hereunder will be deemed to have been received by the Cardholder within three (03) days of posting to the Cardholder’s address last notified to the Bank.
  • Gambling or other illegal transactions: The Card shall not be used for payment of any gambling or other transaction which is illegal under any applicable laws and the Bank reserves the right to decline to process or paying any Card Transaction which it suspects to be a gambling or other transaction which is illegal. In the event that the Bank suspects, believes or otherwise has knowledge that and Card Transaction effected is for the purpose of or is otherwise related to gambling or a transaction which is illegal under any applicable or relevant laws, the Bank reserves the right to reverse or cancel that Card Transaction.

    Delivery of Card and PINs The Cardholder agrees that the Card, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) shall be, at the bank’s own discretion delivered to the Cardholders via post or any delivery manners that the Bank may consider conformable.
  • Validity of Credit Card: The Bank issues credit card with its validity of 5 years since the issuance date. Supplementary card will have the same validity period with primary card. After the expiry date, the bank has the right to consider and decide to extend the card in accordance with the bank's regulations in each period, including automatic card extension. Card extensions may be made per cycle for a maximum of five (05) years. The bank will advise the Cardholder that the Card is renewed by different means from time to time. If the bank does not receive any cancellation request from the cardholder, it is understood that the Cardholder agrees to the renewal of the bank. 
  • Governing law: This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam
  • MasterCard's Regulations: The Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that the cardholder shall comply with the regulations of MasterCard relating to card transactions (printed on the card).
    With the terms and conditions of the VIB credit card application together with the Master Credit Card Application Form, Credit Card Approval Notice, Statement, Request for Card Service Credit Creation.

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